Oak Peg Rails




Handmade solid oak peg rail with a natural satin oil finish.

Beautiful and modern design, these solid oak peg rails will suit any entranceway, utility or bathroom. These peg rails are built to last and perfect for hanging your coats, kitchen items or bags.

The Oak peg rails are mounted using concealed screws (provided) so they are hidden providing a contemporary example of wall décor.

As standard, there is a gap of 7cm at each end and the space the pegs at 7cm intervals.

A 3 peg rail is approximately 29cm long, 4 pegs 36cm, 5 pegs 43cm and 9.5cm high

The length of the pegs are approximately 6cm from the front face of the board, but can be made longer or shorter by request.

Every peg rail is custom made to order, so if you have specific spacing requirements, please contact me and I will be happy to accommodate.

As this is a natural, wood product, slight differences may occur in the grain and colour of the wood, adding to the character of this unique product.


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